Meet Scott Bowman,  Senior Investigator
July 08, 2018

As the demand for impartial investigations and Human Resources advice has soared, ILG has responded by hiring a team of experienced investigators and HR professionals to ensure our clients continue to receive best-in-class service.

Scott Bowman joined ILG in January and has led some of the most challenging projects for clients.  He has relished the opportunity to throw himself into investigations full time at ILG as his focus has always been in getting to the heart of what happened.  As a Senior Investigator at ILG, Scott leads complex investigations and uses his superior analytical and writing skills to deliver sophisticated assessments of the facts and world-class reports to our clients.  Scott’s practice areas include harassment, discrimination, retaliation and other misconduct in the workplace.  Scott also heads up the Firm’s Title IX Practice area, which focuses on providing impartial investigations to colleges and universities facing student and faculty misconduct issues.

“This is important and challenging work. I’m lucky to be doing it with such a strong and committed team.”

Throughout his career, Scott has gained extensive experience in both civil and criminal matters and has often been engaged in the work of an investigator, developing facts, questioning witnesses, tracking down evidence, and objectively analyzing (and clearly writing about) complex facts.  Scott’s background in the most demanding legal environments and academic settings has equipped him with an especially sophisticated ability to analyze and write – skills that ILG clients benefit from in using Scott for their investigations

Scott graduated with honors from Brown University, holds a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from Rutgers University and graduated first in his class from the Fordham University School of Law.  When not immersed in investigations or spending time with his family, Scott tries to sneak in the occasional swim or find a rare quiet moment to read. Learn more about Scott on his profile page found here.