No student should be deprived of an equal access to their education.

ILG’s Title IX team is experienced and dedicated to the important work of conducting sensitive, thorough, and timely Title IX investigations for colleges and universities in the Intermountain West and across the nation.  The stakes in this line of our practice are particularly high, and we take that responsibility seriously.  Each finding in every case has the potential to impact a student in profound ways.

That is why all of our Title IX investigators are trained and certified through the Association of Title IX Administrators – ATIXA – and receive additional training in trauma informed interviewing and advanced Title IX technique through T9 Mastered.  We take this work extremely seriously and our investment in our staff is one way we demonstrate our commitment.

Outsourcing investigations to impartial third-party investigators in this setting can be particularly important.  It provides the college or university a greater degree of professionalism and consistency, and helps them to avoid any conflicts of interest or bias that might occur due to the inextricable affiliations of the institution’s staff to students and faculty.  Our goal in ILG’s Title IX practice is a process that ensures fairness to all parties, and an unbiased professional assessment of the situation.  Learn more by downloading our informational brochure.