“Culture eats strategy for lunch.” –Curt Coffman and Kathie Sorensen

In addition to traditional workplace investigations, we are often asked to utilize our investigation tools and processes to help clients address workplace issues in other ways. We tailor our solutions to the specific needs of a business and can work with every budget.  Some examples include:

  • Cultural assessments: Evaluating the workplace culture and team engagement.  We conduct these assessments from a variety of vantage points, including anonymous surveys, listening sessions, interviews, exit interview analysis, and other strategies that provide insights into the strengths and weaknesses present in the workplace culture.  Cultural assessments are key to purposeful change and provide a foundation from which to improve.   READ OUR COLORADO LEGISLATIVE REPORT HERE
  • Building intentional cultures: Engaging stakeholders to verbalize the desired workplace culture and creating programs to achieve the vision.  Creating an authentic workplace culture is one of the most important elements ensuring organizational sustainability and success.
  • Cultural integration and alignment: In a high growth environment, acquisitions and rapid employee growth create constant stress on the workplace culture.  To achieve business objectives in a high growth environment, every team member must be engaged around goal achievement and servicing their customers.  We work with Boards of Directors and Senior Leadership to build scalable and transformational practices that ensure teams are productive and engaged.  This practice integrates cultural definition, talent acquisition strategies, total rewards practices, and most importantly, leadership development, to connect the most vital elements of the employee life cycle.
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