Liz Rita
Senior Partner, Senior Attorney Investigator

Liz has been an investigator even before she knew that was to be her life’s work.  She read every Nancy Drew book as a kid, as soon as it came out, which may have been a clue about where her professional life would take her.

Liz started her career doing commercial litigation for a global law firm in Boston, where her practice included sophisticated litigation for large companies with complex employment issues.  After moving back to her native Colorado, Liz spent the next several years at a regional Denver law firm heading up their employment law group, and running litigation, advice and training practices as defense side employer’s counsel for the firm. In 1994 she began providing impartial investigations for the Justice Department under a nationwide consent decree, and in 2007 she ventured out and started ILG, the first Denver-based firm specializing in impartial third-party investigations.  She has never looked back.

Liz has been providing impartial investigations since 1994, longer than any other workplace investigations practitioner in the Intermountain West. She is one of ILG’s two Senior Investigators. Liz specializes in complex investigations in the workplace, with a special focus on high profile or high litigation risk situations. Her practice runs the gamut from investigations into public corruption, class-based discrimination, hostile work environment, harassment, retaliation, whistle-blower, ethics violations and executive misconduct. Liz leads and supervises the Firm’s Title IX Practice, which provides investigations, hearing officer, advisor services, and appeals officer work.

Liz wakes up every day happy to go to work, and from that perspective, considers herself a very fortunate human being.  She has served as a Board Member and Committee Chairperson of the Association of Workplace Investigators, North America’s premier workplace investigator association, and founded it’s Colorado presence.  Liz presents, writes and trains on various investigation issues around the country. She is a graduate of The Colorado College and Boston University School of Law, where she graduated magna cum laude.  When she isn’t working Liz enjoys life in the great outdoors of the Colorado Rockies, and time with her family.