Workplace investigations at ILG always begin with the end goal in mind: to provide a systematic, deliberate, and objective investigation in which we analyze facts on all sides to ensure an impartial, evidence-based report for the client. Ultimately, an investigation is a tool for understanding and correcting workplace dysfunction.

ILG’S investigators are trained and experienced practitioners who understand the intricacies, legalities, and nuances of effective investigations.  Our  principal investigators have been providing impartial investigations at a sophisticated level since 1995.  At ILG there is always a senior person on every case.  Period.

Clients from all sectors across the country, including energy, government, technology, research, fire protection, higher education, transportation, financial, nonprofit, and local business, have relied upon ILG investigators to conduct investigations. We have experience in high stakes and high-pressure situations, we have testified about our work, and our investigators do not waver in bringing impartiality to bear in even the most challenging circumstances.

Our investigation practice expertise spans the gamut from workplace harassment, discrimination, and retaliation, to sexual misconduct and assault, insider trading, employee misconduct, ethics violations and breach of public trust.

Three things set ILG apart in the practice of impartial investigations. The first is our proprietary data analysis model, which we use for every significant case. This gives our clients the benefit of having more than one perspective on the data, and it provides better and more accurate findings to use as a tool moving forward. Second is the caliber of our staff.  At ILG we hire exceptional talent who are in this field because it is a labor of love and an intellectual challenge – not because they think it will be easier than practicing law (because it isn’t). And third, ILG is a small woman-owned business, proudly owned and operated by native Coloradans who are as committed to their community as they are to the integrity and ethics of the practice.

When retained, we will respond and begin your investigation right away. A prompt response is essential in our line of work, and we are used to operating in an urgent setting. That is the nature of the beast.

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