At ILG, we partner with federal agencies to provide equal employment opportunity (“EEO”) workplace investigations, pursuant to our status as a GSA Federal EEO Investigations vendor.  Our certified EEO investigators handle a wide variety of matters, including employment discrimination, harassment, retaliation, disability-related matters and misconduct.  All EEO certified investigators at ILG exceed the GSA’s minimum training requirements, and are full time staff employees of the Firm.

ILG employs a contract manager who is dedicated to oversight of all GSA EEO matters being handled by the firm. This provides a high level of accountability and responsiveness to all of our GSA clients.  At ILG you will be assigned to a dedicated team of investigators who get to know your Agency.

We have decades of experience in the impartial investigations field, and we bring that level of expertise to our GSA work.  We support and believe in the mission-driven work that our federal partners are engaged in, and we support that work with the highest degree of professionalism, reliability and capability in the investigations we provide.


GSA Contract #: 47QREA23D000N
Primary NAICS Code: 561611, Investigation Services
Secondary NAICS Code: 541612 HR Consulting
CAGE Code: 5RXU3
Unique Entity Identifier: ELDFMC5Y7V63

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