ILG’s Big Year
by Liz Rita

As 2018 is coming to a close, we wanted to recognize our amazing team and the exciting growth of our business.  It was a big year for us.

We started our year off at a fast clip in providing a comprehensive review of the Colorado General Assembly’s polices, practice and culture around harassment.  This was an opportunity for ILG to give back to the state we love, and to provide some tangible suggestions for making our state house the model in the nation.  We have followed the developments since our report, and we look forward to seeing more implementation of change and growth at the Legislature in 2019.

ILG became the first professional services firm in Colorado to hire a Chief Experience Officer in 2018. Jennifer Volmer joined our team to provide focused client care as part of the services we offer our clients. Jen has created a comprehensive client care program, and leads ILG’s efforts to ensure clear and regular communication and client satisfaction at every stage of our process.  Jen joined the leadership team late in 2018, and we are looking forward to her contributions to enhancing our client’s experiences in 2019.

ILG’s  bench strength went up significantly in 2018, with our staff growing to five investigators, an analyst and a client experience specialist. We have welcomed two full time investigators to ILG’s bench, Scott Bowman and Andy Chase.  Scott and Andy bring deep backgrounds in employment law, diverse perspectives from both academia and legal practice perspectives, and incredible writing skills to the team.  We have also been privileged to have Libby Ary join our team as analyst. Libby’s background in politics and her interest in pursuing a legal career have brought us a new perspective on the legal developments in our field, and incredible energy and focused case analysis for our clients.

In August, Anne Rooney McCord joined ILG to lead our Strategic Services arm, and as managing partner of the firm.  ILG’s Strategic Services operates on the belief that leadership owns the employee experience and can transform an organization by focusing on the right culture driven through defined values, routine surveys and inquiries, and robust talent management programs and practices. Anne has more than 20 years of executive level human resources experience, and she brings this practice depth to ILG clients with a variety of services tailored to achieve the best performance and productivity from employees.  These include monthly subscription services as the client’s outsourced EVP of HR; specialized merger/acquisition/scaling advice for businesses in growth and selling mode; culture and engagement surveys and workplace crisis recovery consulting to assist when problems are emerging in a workplace, and compliance training and executive coaching.  Anne has made ILG a one-stop shop for businesses who have confronted problems that have not yet risen to the level requiring a third-party investigation, and we are thrilled to have her as an addition to our leadership team.

Finally, we moved into our new home in Uptown at 1612 Pennsylvania Street.  We have taken over a beautiful Victorian home which has given us home base that makes it a true joy to come to work.

We hope that your businesses are thriving and your families are happy and well as we move into this holiday season.   All the best from the ILG team to yours.