ILG’s Title IX Team Practice Update

ILG is committed to the important and difficult work of conducting sensitive, thorough and timely Title IX investigations for colleges and universities in the Intermountain West and across the nation.  The stakes in this line of practice are particularly high, and we take that responsibility seriously.  Every finding in every case has the potential to profoundly impact students and faculty.

ILG’s Title IX investigators are trained in Title IX and certified through ATIXA, the preeminent association for Title IX education, training, and certification in the country.  We also provide training for our Title IX staff through T9 Remastered, an organization that offers a deeper dive into Title IX methodology, including trauma informed interviewing techniques.

If you work for a college or university and are looking for help in outsourcing any of your Title IX investigations, please contact us.  We are always happy to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if our expertise is a good fit for your situation.