Bring Your Complaint Process into the Mobile Age: There’s an App for that!

You may well have an app or two that help you manage your work.  There are apps for keeping time, managing tasks, or tracking your pay and benefits.  But do you have an app to voice concerns directly to management about workplace misconduct?  Well, there’s an app for that.

There should be multiple ways to report misconduct

In the ILG White Paper entitled A Transformational Approach to Workplace Culture , we suggested that employers implement complaint systems with multiple ways to report issues.  You should meet their employees where they are.  That means taking complaints in any form with which employees are comfortable.

Apps can make it easier to report misconduct

People are comfortable with apps.  We live in a mobile age, with an app designed for virtually every task, whether trivial or more important.  As an employer, there’s little more important than ensuring a safe and comfortable workplace.  Providing the option of downloading an app can put the process of raising concerns at employees’ fingertips.

There are options

App developers are working to meet this need, creating apps that allow direct communication of concerns to Human Resources and management, often anonymously.  Examples of such apps or other online mobile platforms include Kendr and AllVoices.  The idea has been implemented on college campuses as well, with apps such as Callisto.

Punchline: make it easier

Whether through an app, an online tool, or otherwise, make it easier to get important information from your workforce (whether about harassment or about anything else people may not feel comfortable raising in other ways).

You can’t fix problems you don’t know about.