A Reminder This Thanksgiving Week to Show Gratitude for Your Employees

The work of building and maintaining strong workplace cultures goes beyond responding to complaints of misconduct.  Of course, those complaints need to be investigated and, if founded, result in consequences.  But don’t forget to acknowledge and reward employees for their good conduct.  Demonstrate gratitude for managers who create environments where their employees feel comfortable raising concerns.  Thank those employees who embody your company’s best values, consistently treating colleagues, customers, and clients with respect.

On that front, we share here an article by Kevin Daum published a few years ago in Inc. about how Simon Cohen, the CEO of Henco Logistics, incorporates gratitude into his overall leadership approach.  Simon advises:

“Choose words of gratitude first.”

“Call people by their names.”

“Make a special effort to show your employees that you REALLY care.”

“Bring them closer.”

“Surprise them.”

“Share your successes.”

“Don’t just think it. Say it!”

For some explanation and examples of how he puts these principals into action, see https://www.inc.com/kevin-daum/this-successful-global-ceo-shares-7-amazing-ways-to-demonstrate-gratitude.html.

Let us say what we consistently think: We are grateful for all of you.  Happy Thanksgiving!