Elliot Wertheim
Attorney Investigator

Elliot enjoys the careful deconstruction of complex problems. As an investigator and an attorney, he knows the importance of asking the right questions and listening without the expectation of a particular answer.

Before joining ILG, Elliot worked in the public sector for the Kings County District Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn, New York. He specialized in long-term investigations involving fraud and other complex matters. One such matter involved a fire that claimed the life of an elderly man who was unable to escape his rented bedroom because of his building’s dangerous setup. Another notable investigation involved an international scam resulting in millions of dollars of losses wherein elderly residents of New York City were falsely informed that their grandchildren were incarcerated and in need of thousands of dollars of bail money.

As an investigator, Elliot brings the attention to detail and the curiosity he cultivated in his work as a prosecutor to the intricate problems that can occur in the workplace.  Elliot’s practice spans the gamut from harassment, discrimination, retaliation and misconduct, with a particular focus on cases involving fraud and other financial malfeasance. These cases especially require an attention to detail and an ability to delve in and understand complicated documentation.  In every investigation, Elliot brings the diligence he honed in his previous career to bear, in carefully gathering the facts, and ensuring he is seeing the situation from all sides.  Elliot is an excellent analyst and writer and his investigation reports clearly tell his clients what is going on.

Outside of work, Elliot enjoys travel and the great outdoors. He has lived all over the United States, in South America, and in Europe. Elliot graduated law school at Washington University in Saint Louis and undergraduate at the University of Maryland, where he double majored in English and Political Science. In all four seasons, you can find Elliot enjoying the mountains and open spaces of Colorado with his dog, Kirby. In the winter, he brings his disciplined approach to investigations to the basketball court, where he serves as a coach for thirteen-year-old boys.