Elliot Wertheim – Attorney Investigator


ILG is excited to highlight attorney investigator, Elliot Wertheim, who joined the firm in 2021.  Elliot graduated from the University of Maryland with a double major in English and Political Science [Fear the turtle!].  For law school, he attended Washington University in Saint Louis.  Before ILG, ​Elliot worked at the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office for 7 years. During his last several years with the office, he developed a specialty in fraud and other complex investigations.

Elliot is from the suburbs of New York.  He has also lived in South America, Europe, and all over the United States.  He has explored a bit, but is happy to have found a home in Colorado.   Today, Elliot spends his time enjoying his Portuguese Water Dog, Kirby [see photo].

We asked Elliot a few questions about himself:

  • What do you love to do in your free time?
    • I’m an avid hiker. I play volleyball and basketball – there aren’t many days where I’m not doing something active. I’m always reading something – I go back and forth between fiction and non-fiction. Currently, I’m reading Barbarian Days. It’s a Pulitzer prize winning autobiography where the author depicts his life through the prism of his obsession with surfing.
  • Any causes you are passionate about?
    • I am passionate about preserving wilderness. I hope that the beautiful lands here in Colorado and throughout the country can remain pristine for future generations to enjoy.
  • What are some facts that people don’t know about you?
    • I coach youth basketball in the winter. I lived in Chile in a “gap year” between college and law school. My Spanish is really rusty, but I can speak a little bit!
  • Anything else that is fun to share about Elliot Wertheim??
    • I love going to the movies. I do it all – everything from independent arthouse to Marvel superhero films.